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Even when you fail to place it on the sting the place it begins dealing quick and speedy injury, you possibly can push the towards the spike. Push slightly and cautiously, as you don’t want the to spring out of the Pit Trap. When players are pushed to quick and too far into a spike in a Pit Trap, they bounce out due to high knockback. Place down Pit Traps so that they get caught and can’t place down all four Spikes directly.

Another efficient, but suicidal way to kill them is with Katana + Spike Gear + Corrupt X Wings. This will solely work when you and the guy you’re making an attempt to kill both have Diamond/Ruby weapons. A extra superior version also incorporates a turret hat for extra harm. This will take several individuals, so this is only usable sometimes.

Another means is to entice them in a Pit Trap, then place a Spike in a method that may deal injury to them. When a player is not using scripts, they’re normally insta-killed. If they’re utilizing scripts, then for a second or two they will be nice.

Unless you’re in a team with other repeaters. With a number of repeaters, you can gun down them in seconds.

Even with healing, they may ultimately get the clown hat. To make certain they don’t seem to be going to get out, encompass their spikes with pit traps. As mentioned above, you can counter by using Shield or wearing Soldier Helmet to cease them from completely killing you in one blow. Or you possibly can have your food out, and spam clicks if you cannot do the opposite strategies.

As stated, auto-healers are the commonest forms of hackers in MooMoo.io. To determine one, notice whether or not Food seems of their palms or not after they heal. Note that simply because the meals would not appear once does not imply that they hack. Many people who find themselves actually good can heal quick enough. One way is to keep coming at him, then shortly retreating, to force him to place 4 spikes/pit traps.

These hackers are very deadly and could be particularly lethal in sandbox mode because of infinite supplies. In order to kill these hackers, merely place spikes all over the place. When they booster towards you, likelihood is they may hit the spike and die. Placing pit traps will also stop a booster spike hacker, nevertheless it probably will not kill them. Pit Traps are extraordinarily useful for killing Auto-healers.


If they’re auto-healers, you may be doing a service to the MooMoo.io group. If they’re professional, you can say, “I killed a professional!” Either method, it’s good for you.

It might be hard for them to outlive this, even with scripts. Another way to inform if someone is auto-therapeutic is if they have the Shame! This hat is supposed to root out auto-healers by detecting if they heal very fast. Of course, some professionals get this hat because they heal quick but don’t auto-heal. hat, a player doesn’t get the effects of the hat that they have been carrying, they usually cannot heal for 30 seconds.

  • In order to kill these hackers, merely place spikes all over the place.
  • Pit Traps are extraordinarily useful for killing Auto-healers.
  • These hackers are very lethal and may be particularly lethal in sandbox mode due to infinite materials.
  • When they booster in direction of you, chances are they will hit the spike and die.
  • Placing pit traps may even cease a booster spike hacker, nevertheless it in all probability won’t kill them.


This could be very expensive however is the safest as you are not exposing your self to danger. The aim is to outlast your opponent, so this strategy would require about 2500 wood (250 arrows or 7500 potential injury). Daggers or weapons with good reload time (use Samurai Armor), would possibly be capable of defeat an auto-healer. If backed up in opposition to several Spikes or Cacti, the script might be compelled to heal usually.

Blockers are good to cease them from placing down spikes or put Pit Traps all around you. The hacker will not be able to place Spikes/Pit Traps the place there are objects. There actually is no straightforward means in any respect to defeat these hackers.

In this case, the auto-healer could take one hundred damage or over in a very, very quick time and die immediately. If the script retains them alive, though they heal perfectly fantastic, the Shame! hat will equip itself on them, and they’re going to die. Use the YouTuber Corrupt X’s “Circle of Death” tactic.

As the limit of spikes is 15, ultimately he’ll run out if neither you nor he doesn’t destroy them. Eventually, he’ll run out of Spikes and you may be free to kill him. You can’t identify this sort of hacker on sight. Often, you cost at them, you then see they hack, and you die. In such a case, you should come again for revenge.

But after a few seconds, they’ll obtain the Shame! You can also use a Platform and a Repeater Crossbow.

Some gamers set up scripts that permit them to instantly place 4 Spikes\Pit Traps around them. This can be a drawback because as you cost in the direction of them to kill them, they place down the four Spikes, and also you die.

After the participant performs the combo, the Polearm has to wait until hitting again. Killing the hacker requires the Circle of Death.

Go close to the hacker and await him to make use of his hack. Then step on a Platform down and begin firing. However, this doesn’t work if he auto-heals as well.

First you trap an auto-healer, then, using the repeater crossbow with your teammates, gun the auto-healer down. If timed in a means so you are not shooting on the similar time, the hacker will eventually get the clown hat.

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